Athenx provides innovative loudspeaker solution integration with exceptional clarity and long range capabilities

Athenx, Inc. and IMLCORP, LLC, a veteran-owned businesses, have shared their specific areas of expertise in order to design and create one of the most innovative, high powered, long range loudspeaker system solutions for Tactical and Emergency Mass Notification/Public Warning Systems on the market today.


Our design engineers at Athenx have extensive experience with taking COTS technology products and designing, engineering and integrating cost effective and efficient solutions to meet our customer’s unique requirements.  This expertise has allowed us to take advantage of the superior technical components found in the IMLCORP speakers and create exceptional loudspeaker system solutions that can be modified based on the actual coverage requirements of our customers.  These solutions include the integration of equipment, hardware and software whereby functions, features and installation configurations can be designed based on the unique functional needs of the customer.

For fifteen years these high powered loudspeaker systems have been successfully used by military forces around the world, harbor police agencies, and coast guard units.  Most recently these solutions have been deployed on university campuses and public areas such as the University of Georgia and St. Louis Zoo.

Some of the unique functions and features our solutions offer are:

  • Exceptional clarity and undistorted voice and audio to take control and command of a situation with ranges up to 2000 meters or 360 degree warning and audio coverage over large areas.
  • Advanced capabilities and flexibility offered with the AlertCommander® pre-recorded alert, warning and message delivery system which allows for user defined messages that can easily be edited, manipulated and uploaded to ruggedized portable or desktop digital output stations for projection through public address systems.
  • Sound systems that are ruggedized, scalable, tested for MIL-STD 810F compliance and come in portable, vehicle-mounted and fixed variations.
  • Proven versatility in critical tactical situations such as a major force protection component of the US Navy’s Anti-Terrorism Afloat Program, the US Marine Corps tsunami relief operations and anti-narcotic operations in Colombia where they were mounted on military helicopters.
  • Loudspeaker notifications can be used in conjunction with notifications being sent to landline phones, cell phones, email and desktop computers for those entities that need to mass notify both inside and outside and by various end user devices.

The IMLCORP speakers received significant attention from the U.S. Navy when they were looking to satisfy the requirement to protect Navy ships in port and during transit in confined navigable waters.  At the same time, the U.S. Army was looking for a high intensity acoustic device to disperse crowds.  As a result, these services jointly sponsored the Joint Non-Lethal Warfare Acoustic Hailing Device Evaluation conducted by The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State), Applied Research Laboratory in 2006 for the Joint Non-Lethal Warfare Directorate (JNLWD).  The IMLCORP speaker was consistently judged superior for voice command intelligibility and tone recognition.


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