Rapidly Deployable Multi-Sensor Wireless Tactical Support Solution


Athenx has designed a rapidly deployable, multi-layered tactical solution that provides force multiplier surveillance tools to tactical law enforcement, first responders, military and homeland security teams for situational domain awareness, informed rapid response and forensics. This integrated solution has been designed to support agencies with real-time sensor surveillance and response management which can be established rapidly or used covertly for a specific area of surveillance using available “private and/or public” infrastructure or by creating an infrastructure.

   • Customized Deployable Remote Sensors that are Platform Independent

   • Wireless Tactical Camera Surveillance Kits
   • Tactical Command Field Kits
   • Fusion of Video, Sensors and Data via Wireless Infrastructure to Create Situational Awareness
   • Detect Activity in Complete Darkness in a Specified Perimeter Zone and Alarm on Detection of Target
   • Long Range Intelligent Video Analytics for Target Tracking
   • Ability to Control and View from Remote Locations
   • Integrated with Situational Management and Common Operating Picture

Sensor Integration
   • Multi-Spectrum Cameras

   • Thermal Imagers
   • IR and Visible Illuminators
   • Laser Range Finders
   • Communication Antennas
   • Acoustic Devices
   • Long Range Analytics
   • License Plate Readers
   • CBRNE Devices

Other technologies are available for integration as required for a complete custom solution for your organization.

Designed to interface to any POE-based IP camera, the Mobile Surveillance Units are essentially NVR in a box.  As with all our deployable systems, these include Cellular Router with High Gain Antenna, high power and high sensitivity Wi-Fi radio, and embedded NVR with SSD hard drive.  It can be powered directly by a 12V battery or solar power source.  An external AC to DC power supply is provided.

Rapidly Deployable Multi-Sensor Wireless Tactical Support Solution (pdf)


Athenx Rapidly Deployable Base Surveillance Kits Sample

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