Athenx designed and developed an all weather radar directed video tracking system solution with a geo-referenced map display for wide area surveillance and high value/critical infrastructure asset protection.  The Athenx Trax1000 solution is currently implemented at critical infrastructure sites across the nation to provide situational awareness at Emergency Operations Center's for response and forensic purposes.  Athenx developed the software integration module required to receive J-SON based radar track data, convert the track data to send to the camera system and developed the system that allows the radar and long range video surveillance camera to work in tandem to zoom in and track targets of interest.  Intelligent tracking algorithms are included in the software to determine which target to track based on the target’s threat profile.  The solution provides domain awareness to end-user operators by displaying threat targets detected by the radar and tracking them on a geo-referenced map of the area.  The system will alarm the operator when an intrusion becomes a threat and allows for the operator to remotely investigate the threat via the visible camera.   Additional Sensor Options include, but not limited to, Sonar, Thermal Imaging, Focused Near IR Illuminators and Density Sensors.

Applications for the technology solution include:

  • Wide Area Surveillance

  • High Value Asset Protection

    • Dams

    • Nuclear and Conventional Power Plants

    • Solar and Windmill Farms

    • Oil Refineries and Pipelines

    • Coastal and Inland Waterways

    • Remote Harbors

  • Maritime Security

  • Ports and Harbors

  • Border Protection

  • Ultralights Intrusion Detection

  • Perimeter Security

  • Airport Security

  • Aircraft Protection

  • Petrochemical Facilities


    Athenx TraX1000





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