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September 03, 2012 Blogs

Athenx has been working extremely hard since we founded the company more than two years ago. We have developed and delivered a family of rapidly deployable video surveillance systems to various law enforcement agencies around the country. These are one man  deployable from seconds to minutes depending on the configuration of the system.  Standard configuation includes an embedded Network Video Recorder, Wi-Fi hotspot and cellular connectivity.

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Recently we took out our newly developed rapidly deployable products as well as the new Quickset GeminEye with the continuous zoom thermal imager and IMLCORP's high intensity mass notification system.  We had the opportunity to show the equipment to the City of Long Beach Harbor Police Division. 

The first picture shows the GeminEye on the left being readied for testing.  To its right is the new RDEC mounted on a tripod.  The RDEC is light and stealthy; it sports a 20X PTZ, 2MP IP camera and includes an NVR, Wi-Fi, and Cellular router.

Right next to RDEC is the WikiWikiCAM which is a fully self-contained capable of operating remotely on battery power for 12-14 hours.  Designed to operate up to 48 hours with an extended battery option kit, or indefinitely with a solar power kit, or AC, the WikiWikiCAM's one box solution and quick connect/disconnect connectors allow for one person to deploy the system at dangerous incidents quickly.  The WikiWikiCAM's innovative mast design allows the mast to be raised by one hand which frees up one hand that allows an officer to hold a weapon during deployment in a gunfire situation.  The PTZ camera may be viewed and controlled locally through a Wi-Fi connection or remotely using the cellular router.  We have delivered a number of WikiWikiCAM's and RDEC's to a law enforcement agency in the Bay Area through our partner, Capture Technologies.

And at far right is IMLCORP's Soundcommander system with double stacked speakers capable of splitting a person's ear if you get too close.

The second picture shows the Gemineye with the thermal imager with a 15-100mm continuous zoom lens.  It has a pixel pitch of 17 microns and 640x512 pixel resolution.  We are currently integrating this unit for a local customer with a micro radar to automatically track targets within the radar's coverage.

The third picture shows a Navy destroyer pulling in to port.  The RDEC and WikiWikiCAM brackets the destroyer while we watch a not too unfamiliar sight in San Diego.

The fourth picture shows a closeup of the RDEC.  As with all our rapidly deployable systems, this can either be AC or battery/solar powered.  It contains a cellular router with the customer's choice of cellular provider's air card which allows remote control and viewing of the the HD PTZ camera.  It can also be monitored locally using the Wi-Fi hotspot.  The RDEC contains an embedded NVR which allows the customer to record at frame rates higher than the wireless bandwidth.

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